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Air Sickness

For someone who travels as much as I do, there is nothing more annoying than the process between arriving at the airport until you are actually in the air. A one hour flight turns into five hours of wasted time easily. 

Is our security and intelligence so fragile? I understand that 9/11 shocked the world, but after almost a decade shouldn't we be more prepared? It takes so long to go through security, and it's annoying, and people have their shoes off, and I have to get my laptop out of the laptop case and into the tray, and the liquids into a Ziploc bag, and the metal detector, and so much bullshit for what? 

Then after all that we still have to turn off electronic devices for take off. What kind of shit is that? The flight attendants get dead serious about it. TURN IT OFF! NO AIRPLANE MODE! OFF! Seriously? What will happen if I don't turn it off? Cause most people don't give a crap about FAA regulations these days. I would understand that a cell phone is sending and receiving signals that can cause interference in communications, but an iPod? And what is stopping a couple dozen of terrorists from getting on the plane with a Blackberry, an iPod, a Kindle and a notebook and turn them on for take off? Are they going to disable the planes communications device? Give me a break. 

With the thousands of flights everyday across the world it should be a little bit more simple. The flight delays, the boarding delays, the same process again and again. Taxi takes forever, from the moment when the plane pushes back until you take off is another 25 minutes if you are lucky. 

Air travel became a very annoying and unpleasant experience for anybody. That is why you didn't win an Oscar, Jason Reitman, because there is nobody like George Clooney out there who is really excited about going to the fricking airport. I flew almost 150,000 miles last year and have all the perks, know the tricks, whatever you want, but this still sucks and makes me waste a lot of time and energy.

Now I have to turn this off for landing. Good bye!

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