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Microsoft: This is Pathetic

I tweeted the other day how amazing it was (ironically) that Microsoft decided to update their Messenger application for Mac and included audio and video chat. They are years late to the game considering that most Mac users have switched to other all-you-can-eat messaging programs or simply use iChat and Skype. I've always been a creature or habit when it comes to what software I use, so I continue to use Microsoft Messenger in addition to iChat, Skype, and as of recently GChat.

As soon as I download the application however, all my photos disappear from the Messenger. Then I realize I'm unable to see my own photos, or my friends profile photos while I'm chatting. I tried fixing this by reinstalling the application and deleting all the previously saved preferences from old versions. Nada. 

When you download something from a company like Microsoft and it doesn't work like it should, it is normal to assume the problem is yours. "I must have installed something wrong" or "My computer is having problems". Considering that the Messenger is such a basic program that has been around for years, I found very hard to believe that Microsoft could not get this new version right on such simple features like displaying your photo. 

Well, apparently they couldn't get it right. I was so frustrated that decided to search around for answers and very quickly found a document called "Known Issues" with the new Microsoft Messenger 8. This issues and document are officially released by Microsoft on their Downloads site, and they state that the photos are not working, some of the emoticons are not working, and the ability to send and receive files is not working. 

SERIOUSLY? They added one stupid new feature and broke everything else? And instead of fixing it first they decided to release this anyways? They waited years for a new version of Messenger, what was the rush now? How can they fuck up with something so simple?

I give up on this company. I used to be a big supporter, even after switching to Mac years ago I continued to buy Microsoft products and software, but this is too much. Their operating system already sucks, their Hotmail service is SPAM Heaven, their Office applications are obsolete, and their TV commercials make me want to vomit. I still love my XBOX 360, but I wonder how long that will last. 

So Microsoft, good luck getting your groove back and winning back loyal customers like me, because you are going to need it. That plus some creative people and good engineers. 

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