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Shut Down American Idol

It's time. Why wait until ratings tank completely? Just shut it down now while it's still huge, and that way if Simon decides to come back in a couple of years you can do an amazing reboot and get more people than ever. 

Let me start by saying that I don't watch this show. I never have. So it doesn't make much sense that my first blog post in over a month is about this and not about Lost or 24. I'm probably getting to that soon, but in the meantime I felt it was important to tell Fox to stop making this ridiculous show. 

Simon was the only good thing of the show. The other judges are worthless, and I have no idea who they could bring on board to make it interesting again. I would have to say that unless they have Madonna, or Donald Trump, or Howard Stern, or Lady Gaga, or even Eminem replacing Simon, they should end the show. 

My biggest problem with this show and the reason why I watch it is the following. These contenders are horrible!

There is no talent. Nada. And the reason why is because nobody goes after the talent. They sit at their studio and wait for talent to come to them. And most people with real talent will not go audition for these clowns. They mock people. And there is a billion people waiting in line. People with real talent who believe in themselves look for other avenues to be famous, and this is why there are very few people in that show who are talented, and most of them probably don't make it far for one reason or the other. 

I like Kelly Clarkson and I had a chance to meet her briefly years ago after she won. She was incredibly nice and down to earth, but also super talented. I guess they were more picky during the first season, and people with talent gave it a shot. It has been a disaster ever since, and nobody else coming out of there made it. Perhaps Carrie Underwood did ok, but who else? 

Simon is smart enough to get the hell out of there while he can. Now he leaves and as the show goes down, he stays away from the sinking ship. If Fox was smart they would end it, take some time off for people to miss the show, and come back in a couple of years offering Simon a shitload of money to return and bring two brand new judges with him. That would take Idol back to the record ratings it used to have, and perhaps bring some credibility to the contestants again and make people believe that they can be real superstars. 

Oh and now one thing. Perez Hilton? Stop fucking campaigning for yourself to take Simon's place. You're nobody. You're part of the problem!

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