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It's about the Journey

I can't believe Lost is over. I would love to know how the creators, writers and cast feel these days. This was like no other TV show ever made, both for them and for us. There was something special about it. I realize today, after a week of watching the finale, that I loved every minute of it. If you have never watched it, I suggest you stop reading this and go get the DVDs. You'll thank me later.

A lot of people are pissed off about how it ended. I admit that I'm not very happy about the last few scenes and revelations of the finale, but I always look at the big picture. Who cares how it ended? The past six seasons have been fantastic, and the most important thing about this show was how they managed to do something amazing, keep all of us interested, keep these characters interesting, and do that all the way until the last minute of the show.

It's not about the ending alone, it's about everything else we went through together as an audience, with these people who we did not know before, who are not even real people, and who we care about like if we knew them very well. And we know them well now, because we have been watching their lives, like Jacob, and have seen them in their worst times, looking for something that made sense, for meaning, for the same things we all look for in our lives.

If you were waiting for something that made sense at the end, you're an idiot. There were smoke monsters, cursed numbers, eternal life, time travel, alternate realities, four-toe statues, and hundreds of reasons why this show did not make sense from day one, and we were not watching to get answers. If we just wanted answers we would have stopped watching years ago. We wanted to be part of the unpredictable journey these people were on.

A lot of people laugh at Jack's doofus face for not understanding what the hell is happening all the time, but have you ever looked at your face in the mirror while watching the show? There are lots of shows that have suspense, and there are lots of great shows on TV that keep you hooked, but nothing like this. I will miss Lost and Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Ben, Jin & Sun, Miles, Lapidus, Michael, Claire, Charlie, Faraday, Rose & Bernard, Desmond, Richard, Hurley, Juliet, Sayid, and the others.

Being a creative person, working in the entertainment business, one can only wish to create something as amazing as this show. I thank everyone involved for multiple hours of great joy, fun and lots of mixed feelings. It was incredible. LOST.


Someone created 'Lost' 32 Years Ago?

According to TMZ (I know it's not the best source but this sounds legit), a man called Anthony Spinner is suing ABC and Touchstone Television claiming that he originally wrote a show called "Lost" for the network in 1977. He was apparently hired to write a 121-pilot about a plane that crashes in a tropical island on the way to Los Angeles. You can read the full document here, where you will see several other similarities with the current show, although the man claims that the pilot was rejected three times, in '77, '91 and '94. 

Spinner was a producer in 'Baretta' and several other television shows, which makes his claim a bit more legit. It's not some 14 year old punk trying to make some fast cash. Even if a lot of what ends up happening in the show may be different, the idea of a show called "Lost" and a similar premise entitle Spinner to get something out of this. He also claims that most characters, including Jack, Locke and Sawyer, are very similar to the original pilot he wrote. 

Would be very interesting to see what happens in court. I'm sure ABC and Touchstone Television will settle with the man. Apparently he's been trying to start this lawsuit for a while, but he was able to get it off the ground just now. This guy is now 79 years old. I think J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindeldof and Carlton Cuse should do something nice for him. He is the reason they are some of the biggest names in Hollywood today. 

Another funny thing about this is that there is an episode where Hurley is writing the script for "The Empire Strikes Back" to send to George Lucas, when they are in 1977. Maybe he also sent the pilot script to this dude and he didn't realize he should sue them until now!