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Stay Indoors, Watch Movies

This is one of the 2010 South by Southwest Film Bumpers that play before each film during the festival. I liked this one a lot.

"Stay Indoors, Watch Movies", created by Joe Nicolosi. I think it's really funny and well done. If you missed the festival this year, here is a chance to watch it below. 


Fortune Cookie Greatness

Ever got a fortune cookie at an Asian restaurant and thought it seemed like it was written exactly for you? Well maybe it was. Check out this brilliant short called "Table 7" by Marko Slavnic and Andrew McDonald, that premiered at SXSW this year and it was filmed at my buddy's C.K.'s restaurant Imperia in Austin, TX (which BTW is the best restaurant in town). 


Update: I tried embedding the film but it was not working, so here is the link


SXSW'10 Panel Picker Still On!

Continuing with its innovative tradition, the South by South West Festival has setup a 'panel picking' tool on their official website to allow people to submit the panels that they are interested in having. Then, users can vote and comment on these ideas to decide which ones will make it to the actual festival. 

Voting for these panels still goes on for another week, so if you have not voted now its the time to go in and speak out. While you are at it, I would strongly suggest that you vote YES on my panel suggestion :)

My panel, for the SXSW FILM Festival, is called "Industry Battle". Basically my idea is to get people from different sides of the film industry, one director, one actor, one hollywood agent, one online media executive, and one hollywood studio executive on the table and discuss their opinions about distribution, producing and their vision of the future. It should be a heated and interesting discussion!

Don't forget to register for the 2010 SXSW Festival by clicking here. And check out the Panel Picker to get an idea of what to expect for next year. Also, once again, VOTE POR MY PANEL!