Stop the Hate

Seriously. I admit the LeBron James "Decision" Special was awkward and unnecessary. He could have done an interview for ESPN just like Wade and Bosh did the day before. But that is not why people are angry. If he had stayed in Cleveland, nobody would complain. If he had gone to New York, everyone would be hating on the Knicks, but perhaps not as much. People hate the trio.

Nobody wants to acknowledge that the Miami Heat is a force to be reckoned with in the NBA. Even when we won the Championship people had something negative to say. "Our Championship is not worth as much as the Lakers 2010 Championship." Bullshit.

Dan Gilbert's letter was embarrassing, coming from an NBA owner. Not even Mark Cuban would have the nerve to say those things, or even guarantee stuff that is obviously not going to happen. And I'm not saying Miami is guaranteed to win now, but I know Cleveland will definitely not win anything. They could not win anything with a player that averaged 30 points and pretty much a triple-double over 7 seasons. They had chances to surround him with talent and never did. Is it really so shocking that he was ready to move on?

Yes, LeBron's publicity team screwed up. He did not handle this the way he should have, but then again everything about this situation was unprecedented. People make mistakes. Truth is that his legacy was not ruined. People will remember that he left, but if he starts winning Championships in Miami nobody will care. His image, endorsements, revenue will not be damaged. He will be bigger than ever. And he now has teammates that can help him achieve what he could not in Cleveland. It will be tough, but he already has a better team around him, even considering Miami has lots of holes to fill. 

I hope people get over it and start thinking about how much fun this team will be to watch. At the end of the day, we all want to win but we also want to watch great basketball. The Heat will definitely be putting on a show come November, and hopefully it will last until June.



This Just Happened!

Welcome, LeBron James to the Miami Heat!


Welcome to Miami, Chris!

The first weapon for Dwayne Wade to get his second Championship is here. Bosh immediately transforms Miami into a favorite in the East, and we're still getting started. Will LeBron join? Who else will they bring in?

All those questions are huge, but knowing that Wade will stay and that Bosh is coming already made my week!


Wade is staying! Bosh is coming!

After a very stressful week for Heat fans, we can start to sleep well and dream about the future with the announcement of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, who are joining forces to bring glory to our Miami Heat.

I have to say I was worried about all the speculation with Chicago, but I believed in Wade too much. This is his house! Pat Riley and the Heat did everything possible to bring him the Championship Team he wanted, so I'm happy that things worked up. 

Next up? The LeBron James decision comes tomorrow. Will he join Wade and Bosh? Possibly. Regardless of that, the Heat have to fill the roster with some good bench players, great defense and shot-makers. 

Let's see what happens tomorrow and the next few days, but Miami already has many reasons to celebrate!


The Summer of Wade

We were all waiting for this inevitable couple of months where all we see are rumors, everyday, from every blogger and sports journalist. Everyone has their own opinion. Where is Wade going? What is happening with LeBron, and Bosh, and Stoudemire, and everyone else?

Well, I have the feeling that the shake up may not be as dramatic as it could be. I think for starters, Wade and LeBron will stay where they are. The two best players will not leave their teams. 

Wade has a great setup in Miami. This is his home. He owns the AAA. He can make a lot more money here than anywhere else. Most importantly, Pat Riley will build a contender around him. There is cap space, options, talent, and optimism. 

LeBron on the other hand has a team with a mediocre supporting cast, no money, no draft picks, and a lot of frustration. But considering his options, where would he go? Chicago could be the best destination to build a contender, but it is clear that LeBron wants to build his own legacy and not walk behind Michael Jordan's shadow. Proof of that is that he will no longer wear the number 23 on his jersey next season. New York and New Jersey (or Brooklyn) offer him a lot of money and the possibility of the biggest stage of them all, but those teams are far away from a Championship even with LeBron, and he has proven that he can get the endorsements and attention even at Cleveland, so he does not need New York for that. 

To be quite honest, Miami seems like the best option for LeBron. I know it's very convenient for me to say this, but it's the truth. Even though he would make less money than in Cleveland and the same than in New York and New Jersey in principle, Florida has no state income tax so that will give him a big boost. The weather is also the best. The city is beautiful. Most importantly, he can play with Wade and have Pat Riley as his coach. Not bad.

I could write about this for hours, everyday, and so can every NBA fan. We all want to know what is going to happen, but we have to wait until July to find out. In the meantime we created our own little Facebook fan page for Wade to stay in Miami and I would love if you join us by clicking here.

If Wade stays the possibilities are endless. LeBron would be the jackpot, but just pairing Wade with someone like Bosh, Stoudemire, Boozer would be huge. And if we're lucky we can get Rudy Gay, David Lee or someone else who can step into the court and make a huge difference. 2010-2011 could be a great year for Heat fans. We have to wait a bit longer but I have the feeling it will be worth it.