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Iverson Heats Up

After hearing Dwyane Wade's comments about building a contender and winning another Championship in Miami, Allen Iverson finally spoke about his real interest and possibility of playing in Miami.

''The fact that Dwyane is there and Pat Riley has something to do with personnel, it seems like a great situation,'' Iverson said after his charity foundation presented scholarships to students from his hometown. ``I just want a situation where I can win and be happy. Being that those two guys are there, man, it just seems it'll be a good deal.''

That sounds pretty good, but from there to an agreement there may be a long road ahead. Iverson has to accept getting a very modest contract, but most importantly he has to accept that this is Wade's team and that he will probably come off the bench to provide scoring when Wade is not in the game. They can also play together sometimes, but I doubt that Coach Spo will have Chalmers come off the bench in his sophomore season after he started every game in his rookie season and he proved that he can handle it. 

The Heat have enough money to get Iverson and another good veteran player that can help the very young but talented Miami squad. I was a bit reluctant about this Iverson deal at the beginning, but truth is that it would be a lot of fun to see him with a Heat jersey and playing alongside Wade. It will bring a much needed scoring option, and considering that Beasley will also play more minutes and be more efficient offensively, we can be in pretty good shape. 

I guess we will have to wait until next week, when teams are allowed to start signing players, to see what happens with A.I. Knowing that he wants to be part of the Heat and that Pat Riley wants him on the team is a very good start.

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Reader Comments (2)

Great article. Iverson in Miami for a modest price isn't too bad of a deal for the Heat. You are right on point in saying that he would add a much-needed scoring option. That's something that Miami lacked this past season, but with Beasley getting better (and more playing time), James Jones starting the season off the injured list and other players staying healthy, Miami's offense may just flourish this upcoming season. I expect the team to reach at least 50 wins in 2009-10 and make a stronger push for the 2nd round.
Hope you are right with that outlook. I think with other teams like Washington and Atlanta getting even better we will need Iverson and maybe a bit more help if we want to get to 50 wins. It's possible, but we also need DWADE to be as good as he was last year, or even better!
July 8, 2009 | Registered CommenterAndy Kleinman

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